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Maternal Child Health Program

VNS of Iowa's Maternal Child Health (MCH) Services/Community Home Visition Program brings health care and education to expectant or parenting moms in their homes. During nurse home visits, women in the community who are pregnant receive health assessments and education.

Visits are also made with women who have delivered their babies including but not limited to post-partum assessments and education for the mother; health and developmental screenings for the infant; newborn care and education; breastfeeding education and support; linkages to community resources; and individualized health education and support based on maternal and/or infant needs.

Who’s eligible?                

  • Pregnant or post-partum woman who would benefit from a home visit by a nurse.
  • Children who are identified as needing additional health screening and assessment.

Available services:          

  • MCH nurses visit with moms to provide education either ante-partum or post-partum and to conduct health assessments with mom and/or baby.
  • For identified children, growth and development may be assessed and monitored and nutritional assessments completed. Health education for the parent may also be provided nurses link families to community resources as appropriate.

Please contact our intake nurse at 515-558-9946 for more information.