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Community Voices Interpretation Services

VNS of Iowa has provided interpretation services since 1998. Our interpreters are a gateway for non-English speaking clients to understand available services and resources, which is essential in helping Iowa’s refugee population survive and thrive. Interpreters with our program, Community Voices Interpretation Services, have intimate, first-hand knowledge of not only the cultures within our community but also the struggles and challenges families face when resettling in the United States.

Our interpreters:

  • provide interpretation services in more than 19 languages and dialects
  • are native speakers with in-depth language and cultural knowledge.
  • have a solid foundation of knowledge regarding the community’s health and human services programs.
  • are immersed in their community and are able to help clients, ranging from newly-arrived families to families who are well on their way to an independent lifestyle.
  • are empathetic and compassionate, desiring the best outcomes for each client.

If you or someone you know is struggling with language barriers and is trying to connect with community-based services, please call Community Voices at (515) 557.9008 or email