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1st Five

1st Five, Healthy Mental Development Initiative is a project funded by the Iowa Legislature (IDPH) to assist medical providers  to enhance well-child care through surveillance and screening of child development, family stress indicators and caregiver depression. If a concern is detected through this surveillance process, the family is then linked to VNS of Iowa for care coordination services. These care coordination services are offered to address the needs of the entire family.

1st Five understands that the health and well-being of family members directly impacts the health of an infant or young child. After enhanced care coordination services are provided to the family, the VNS of Iowa Care Coordinator then contacts the referring medical provider regarding the outcome of the referral.

Who’s eligible? 

1st Five is available to any medical provider or clinic providing primary care services which are willing to implement the 1st Five surveillance tool; any child identified as needing additional services is eligible for coordination.

Call (515) 558.9954 for more information.