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Senior Companion Volunteer Program

The Senior Companion Program provides service to adults who would benefit from extra social/emotional support or those needing local transportation or respite care on a regular weekly basis.  The purpose of the program is to help people remain independent and in their own home.  Once the client is introduced to their Senior Companion, each client is visited by the Senior Companion once a week on the same day and at the same time.  An individual qualifies for this service only if he/she needs assistance on a weekly and on-going basis. 

Please note: the Senior Companion program is not able to provide transportation for individuals needing one-time or sporadic rides, nor is the program able to serve people living in nursing facilities. The program is offered at no cost to clients except in cases where the client has Elderly Waiver funding, as the Senior Companion program is a Medicaid provider. To refer someone to the program, call (515) 558-9957

The Senior Companion Program is a stipended volunteer program that recruits seniors aged 55 or older to serve people in their neighborhood/community while earning a tax-free hourly stipend, mileage reimbursement, paid holidays and other benefits.  Senior Companions generally earn an extra $200-$400 every month in benefits.  This extra income does not decrease any benefits the Senior Companion may be receiving including social security disability, food stamps, heating assistance, housing assistance or any other assistance program.  Senior Companions serve between fifteen and forty hours a week and generally see the same five to seven clients each week on a regular schedule.  If you would like to learn if you qualify to serve as a Senior Companion stipended volunteer, call (515) 558-9957.