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Living Our Mission: Language Barrier

posted on Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Imagine not being able to provide proper health care for your child because of a language barrier. Our Maternal Child Health Outreach Program recently helped a mother who was experiencing that exact scenario. A school nurse referred a mother to the program for health insurance assistance because her elementary aged son was having accidents at school. The nurse was worried about a bowel obstruction and was ready to have the mom reported due to neglect.

When the mother met with our team, she shared her own stories of past significant trauma, as well as the language and cultural barriers she has had to overcome. Our outreach specialists were able to assist her in obtaining health insurance for her son, who had lost coverage when she couldn’t read the renewal paperwork. An appointment was made for her son for him to get the medical attention he needed.

This mother needed an advocate, and that is what our organization does to help Iowans in the community.