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With You at Every Step

Visiting Nurse Services of Iowa is a non-profit organization which provides medical and social services for women, children and families, adults and seniors, and communities across Iowa. Our wide range of services include home visits, family support, parent education, therapy and counseling, transportation, flu immunizations and much more.

From a baby's first steps and a child's steps through development to the steps new parents take to care for their families and every step a senior takes toward leading a healthy, active life...we know that every step toward growing a great community starts by growing great families!

Please support our mission by donating your time or money.

HCI Care Services and VNS of Iowa is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Our employment practices are implemented without regard to race, color, national origin, gender, religious beliefs, age, disability, sexual orientation and other basis protected by federal, state or local fair employment laws.

Due to the acknowledged hazards of tobacco use, it is the policy of HCI Care Services and VNS of Iowa to provide a tobacco and electronic smoking device (ESV)-free environment for all employees. Tobacco and ESV use is prohibited in all buildings, grounds, parking lots, and inside personal vehicles while on a scheduled shift. Tobacco and ESV products include, but are not limited to, cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, snuff and tobacco pipes. This policy is in compliance with the Iowa Smokefree Air Act.

Employment Status Explanations

HCI Care Services offers several employment status options.

  • *FTR:  40 hours/week
  • *FTR-3: 30-39 hours/week
  • *PTR -2:  20-29 hours/week
  • PT-WP: (Weekend Package - Facility based staff only):  16 hours/weekend
  • PT – CP: (Call Package - Home based only):  weekly, weekends, holidays
  • PRN: Work less than 40 hours a pay period; as needed

*Indicates eligibility for benefits